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About Illuminatus Lasers

Illuminatus Lasers creates dynamic, interactive, customized laser displays for special community events, art/science/children’s museum installations, trade shows, corporate events, and private parties. We are Michigan-based, but are willing to travel: we've been to Miami, Napa, Scottsdale, Santa Barbara, and Montreal with our lasers.

Call us at (734) 834-8667 or send email to to see how we can brighten your next event!

Mike Gould and Wayne Gillis started Illuminatus in the early seventies, building their first laser projector (The Interociter) around 1975. Illuminatus was originally a 60's style lightshow; we featured overhead projectors, slides and home-brewed psychedelia emitters. We performed mainly at science fiction conventions (Ann Arbor's ConFusion, and, notably, the 1976 World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City). Exciting details below:

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