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Laser history: the untold stories. Latest updates on the oldest lasers.

Every April First Laser Archeologist Mike sends out the results of his investigations into the deep, dark past of laser technology as well as current laser magazines. The fortunate recipients of these newsletters are ILDA members and friends of Illuminatus. You don't have to be an art history scholar or laser expert to enjoy these, but it helps...


Culinary Lasers Monthly (CulaseMo.jpg) - Magazine dedicated to kitchen lasers

Agricultural Lasers Monthly (AgLasersMo.pdf) - Historic first issue

Legend of Wobbulator Woman (WobbWoman.pdf) - Pulp magazines celebrating the Wobbulator-weilding super woman

The Coherent Muses (Muses.pdf)- Lasers of the ancient Greeks and Romans

Lasers of the Renaissance (LasersRenaissance.pdf) - What the old masters lased

Lasers of the Victorian Era (Victorian.pdf) - The lasers that built modernism.

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