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These are the interactive laser art shows we provide.

Featured Shows

These are the art pieces we regularly exhibit at festivals and events. As seen at: Ann Arbor FoolMOON, Ann Arbor Summer Festival, DLECTRICITY, Scottsdale AZ Canal Convergence, Napa CA Lighted Art Festival, and many others.

Note that we can do several of these at once, as we did at most of the Michigan shows above. We can also work in different states simultaneously, as we did with one crew running Lunchboxing With Lasers at Canal Convergance in Arizona, and another with Dances With Lasers at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

Dances With Lasers
Dances With Lasers at Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Kid with lunchbox at Napa

Laser Karaoke
Young girls sing into a microphone controlling lasers

DIY Lasers
Do It Yourself Laser Lightshow

Talks With Lasers
Mike Lectures to High School Students

Other: parties, etc.
parties and misc.

Museum Shows