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Here is a selection of the best of our many videos.

These and other videos may be viewed on Our Channel on Youtube.

YpsiGlow 2022: Dancing With The Alien

2022 Ann Arbor Summer Festival: highlights in the big Annex tent

YpsiGLOW 2021 with the John E. Lawrence Power Band


Dances With Lasers (DLECTRICITY)

Interactive Lasers Overview

Talks With Lasers Lasers in High Schools

2020 Napa Lighted Art Festival

Legend of Sleepy Howell 2020

Legend of Sleepy Howell 2020 Details

DIY Laser Lightshows Kids learn lumia

Lasing Nang Talung 2018 GLEAM Festival, Madison WI

Music Video (won an ILDA award)

Maker Faire Detroit 2014 Interview

L is for Laser (Dow Museum Show)

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