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Laser Gazebo

Laser Gazebo

Laser Gazebo Maquette

Seen above is a maquette (artist model) of a proposed permanent interactive kinetic laser art work. This is intended to be installed in a park or other public space.

The Maquette is scaled at 1:12 - the mannequins are 6" tall. This is in the form of a hollow cylindrical sculpture, lit from within with lasers. Everything rests on a concrete slab 20' in diameter, and the central Cylinder of Wonder is 8' tall.

The sculpture is protected by an open-sided roofed gazebo to protect the artwork and visitors from the elements. Visitors control the flow of the laser lumia by moving their arms and legs; sensors pick up the movement and translate that into laser imagery.

Not shown: rotating elements inside the cylinder cast moving shadows that depict thematic images. There are four lasers in the Maquette - the final version will have twice that, accommodating eight visitors at once. This makes for a fun group activity.

The cylinder is plastic or glass, painted white on the inside; this acts as a screen for the rear-projected laser lumia effects installed inside. The roof is supported by eight steel pipes. Antennae built onto these pipes act as motion sensors, allowing visitors to control the various aspects of the lumia (speed, munge, etc.) by dancing or waving their hands between the pipes.

The sculpture would be clearly visible from the street, sidewalk, and park. Very family-friendly; kids love controlling lasers with their movements. The lasers would be bright enough to be seen in daylight, but will be spectacular in the evening and night.

The sculpture is constructed to allow easy access for maintenance and adjustment of the laser projectors. I will work with local contractors to build the gazebo and install the sculpture and its various technologies. An all-weather electrical cabinet adjacent to the gazebo routes power to the installation and contains additional circuitry for the lasers. This could be made to be solar-powered. A plaque nearby describes how everything works.

Diagrams: Laser Gazebo showing viewer interacting with motion sensors Laser Gazebo showing top view of the piece Laser Gazebo showing front view

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