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The Molecular Disrupter

The Molecular Disrupter

Molecular Disrupter by Illuminatus Lasers, Mike Gould, laser artist

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This device won an ILDA Award in 2023 for Innovative Application; see our awards page for more details. This award is the Grammy of the laser industry.

The Molecular Disrupter is an unauthorized re-creation of alien technology based on a device recovered from a UFO that landed near Dexter, Michigan in 1966.

One of our team members living in the area found it while kayaking in the Huron River, and brought it to the Test Kitchen of St. Wilfred’s Lumentic Institute, our whirled headquarters.

Illuminatus Engineers Mike Gould and Wayne Gillis

There, engineers Mike Gould and Wayne Gillis restored its laser system.

We were lucky to find a vintage 1950’s copy of Popular Alien Armaments magazine, which had copious notes on how it all works and how to build your own.

Unfortunately, Men in Black seized the original unit, but we were able to create an exact copy from our notes and parts we had lying around the shop.

Alien Armaments magazine cover Quiescent Molecular Disrupter by Illuminatus Lasers, Mike Gould, laser artist

This was debuted at FoolMoon 2023 on April 7 at the Ann Arbor's Farmers Market.

Seen below is the Disrupter mounted onto a roof support, bouncing off of a steering mirror, thence to Whirled Pieces, creating the images seen on the left.

The crossed lights at the upper right are Jeffries Tubes, supplying UV light to illuminate the device.

The Molecular Disrupter at FoolMoon 2023

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