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Rorschach And Awe Interactive

Rorschach And Awe

This is one of our latest custom-built laser art emitters; it projects a symmetrical pattern of laser lumia that takes it to a new and awesome artistic aesthetic.

Building on the technology we developed for 2020's Lighted Art Festival in Napa, Rorschach and Awe features wispy lumia that form images that are bilaterally symmetrical, creating projections that resemble mutant butterflies or other fantastical creatures.

At first, the imagery was controlled from a small console: sliders, knobs, and buttons provide instant feedback when manipulated. We debuted this at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum during FoolMoon in 2022. Then we decided to make it interactive for use at the Albuquerque NM Balloon Museum during Balloon Fiesta in Oct. 2023.

Roschach And Awe user control box

Kids and their parental units loved it! We presented this from 5-7:00am (!) as people were arriving for the mass balloon ascension at dawn, and again from 7-9:00pm, once the sun went down.

They had an astronomical theme, as there was an annular eclipse that week. We re-named the display Laser Borealis. We were one of four artists selected to present at the event. See our Albuquerque page for more info.

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