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We have been fortunate to be recognized by our industry

Laser Artist Mike Gould
holding his ILDA Award


The ILDA (International Laser Display Association) award is the Grammy of the laser industry, and we have won six of them.

We won our first ILDA award in 2013 for our show at the 2012 Art Prize competition in Grand Rapids, MI. We didn't win an Art Prize, but we won an ILDA award, which set the bar for our subsequent projects. More info here.

We won our second award in 2016 for a music video we recorded in my basement and backyard, Take You Away, visible here on Youtube.

Our third and fourth awards were in 2017 and 2019 for a photo of our laser displays and the invention of the Laser Lunchboxen.

Award #5 was in 2022, a Fenning Technical Achievement Award for Rorschach And Awe. A video of this is here.

Award #6 was in the creative category for the Molecular Disrupter, awarded 9/19/23 at the annual ILDA conference.

We have also picked up some "Maker of Merit" and "Editors' Choice" awards at various Detroit Maker Faires over the years.

Illuminatus ILDA Awards

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