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Visitors learn to make their own laser lightshows.

DIY Laser Lightshow

In an effort to educate the public as to the mechanics and optics that make up laser lumia, we present a program where visitors can create their own laser show. Using a laser pointer, plastic disk, pencil, and transparent hot glue, people can make a basic lumia projector, which they can then take home with them, pointer and all.

Here is a video that demonstrates the procedure:

We use hot glue because we needed something that would dry quickly so that people could take their disks with them. Ideally, you would use Duco cement or epoxy, but these have longer drying times.

The very first laser lumia disks were created with Duco cement in the early 70's by Elsa Garmire, and later became mainstays at Laserium.

Illuminatus uses disks cut from textured glass for this, as glass works better with the high-power lasers we use.

Illuminatus DIY Safety Poster

At the beginning of each session, we give a laser safety lesson, based on the poster at the right:

Here is a video of that lecture from the 2019 Ann Arbor Summer Festival:

After hearing the safety lecture, each participant receives a baggie containing their materials and additional instructions and safety reminders:

DIY laser show bag with laser pointer and lumia disk

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