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Dances With Lasers: Dance the light fantastic!

Dances With Lasers

New for 2022: Dances With Lasers at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival.

This is a video from FoolMoon 2019, showing a couple dancing in front of our motion sensor. The sensor sends the imagery to the laptop running the laser projector, hence to the projection surface - in this case the side of the Kerrytown building in Ann Arbor, MI.

The system can accommodate up to 3 people, as more dancers cause stuttering in the image. We provide crowd management in the form of ropes and stanchions, and one of our team members provides directions.

We introduced this at FoolMOON 2017 and it was so popular we bring it back year after year. We learned about crowd control from doing this: stanchions and glow rope are now de rigeur. Here is another view of this from our 2021 DLECTRICITY event.

Below is a diagram showing our setup at FoolMoon, which was held at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market in October of 2019. Note we had both Lunchboxing and Dancing in operation. The Ops tent contains the operators running the show. The orange lines around the X is the boundary of the dancing area.

Diagram of Illuminatus FoolMoon Layout

Mike draws up scaled and dimensioned diagrams like this for each of our shows; this helps in the set up of the gear and is used in our yearly Variance report to the CDRH. We also send these to clients so they know what to expect.

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