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Interactive Laser Shows at Museums

Our shows can be run in museums that feature visiting artists: we have adapted our usual interactivity to work in museums. We usually require a dedicated room for this, and museum-supplied mentors or docents are encouraged to be present. We will work with you to train your staff.

Here are some of the interactive laser art pieces we have done in a museum setting:

DLECTRICITY - Outdoors at the Michigan Science Center for this nighttime art event.
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MOXI - Our fourth and best museum exhibit. We set up three lunchbox systems in the Interactive Media Theater in MOXI: The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation in Santa Barbara, CA, and they ran for three months.
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Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum - This museum is our closest family-oriented science museum, so naturally we have worked with them in the past and hope to do so again post-Covid. We did a a custom version of L is for Laser in 2014, using a Kinect system to control lasers from the movements of visitors. We did Dances With Lasers there in 2018 as part of their Tech Twilight program.
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Alden B. Dow Museum - This was our first museum show, which ran for three months at the Alden B. Dow Museum in Midland MI. For this show, Mike created 17 lumia projectors into lunchboxen, all based on an alphabet theme. Go to Photo Gallery

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