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Intensities In Tents

Lasers in Tents

Lasers in a big tent

Ann Arbor Summer Festival - In July of 2022, Illuminatus Lasers presented two tent shows, in two radically different sized tents: A 40' x 55' monster at the A2SF (left), and a much smaller 10'x20' at the Taste of Brighton (MI), and a still smaller 10' x 10' pavilion at YpsiGLOW (see below).

Tents with sides are great for beam shows: we use haze to make the lasers visible and the tents contain the haze for maximum effect.

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Here you see beams from Lunchboxing with Lasers, Dances With Lasers, FanBoy, and several other of our specially-built laser projectors.
Our 2019 Summer Festival gallery is here.

Click Here for Video of the 2022 Ann Arbor Summer Festival.
Illuminatus Lasers in a 10x20' tent

Two weeks later we were in Brighton, MI, at an outdoor summer restaurant festival, entertaining the crowds with our Lunchboxing with Lasers event.

Our hosts provided us with the tent, and we added a 25x25' silver tarp to make it light-tight. We used the lasers and lunchboxen we built for our MOXI Museum show, along with a special rig to hold the lasers at ground level on the other side of the table from the audience.

Taste of Brighton Lasers in a small tent Here is a family playing with the gear - The family that lases together, stays together...

We had kids of all ages, several of them repeat visitors. Others had to be dragged away by their parents.

You can see a Photo gallery of our Taste of Brighton show here.

Dances With Lasers at YpsiGLOW

In October, 2022, we exhibited Dances With Lasers in our smallest tent yet, a 10' x 10' pavilion. This was for YpsiGLOW, a night street art event in downtown Ypsilanti, MI. We rear-projected the laser imagery of dancing visitors, who were mostly families dressed in halloween finery. Video of this is here.

This format is ideally suited to outdoor venues where we don't have a building available to project upon, as well as venues such as ballrooms and other large performance spaces.

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